Precious Metals

  • Precious Metals

    Precious Metals are among the wide range of natural resources traded on world markets every day. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the price for a particular metal depends largely on a demand and supply equation. The current price of a metal is called its spot price and spot metal trading is the buying and selling of metals in a particular currency.

    While the prices of metals are consistent across the world after accounting for currency exchange, spot metal trading depends on metal prices against a particular currency. The fluctuations in metal prices, combined with changes in currency markets give an added dimension for profit for the astute investor.

    Apart from spot metal trading, commodity trading is another option that an investor may want to consider. Commodities like crude oil, coal and tin are also good alternatives, depending on market conditions.

    Gold spot trading is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, as long as the markets are open for trade. The delivery of the commodity being traded is usually 2 working days after a trade has been finalized. This is in contrast to futures trading where there is no physical exchange of goods, only of cash.

    Popular Spot Metals

    The most popular precious metals for spot metal trading are:

    - Gold
    - Silver
    - Platinum
    - Palladium

    These spot metals owe their popularity in commodities trading to their intrinsic long-term value. Gold trading in particular is connected to gold’s status as the safest resource in times of uncertainty.

    This contrasts with the stock market, which is where most investors park their money when the economy is on a positive upswing. As a result, gold and the stock market are generally inversely related to each other – when one falls, the other rises and vice versa.

    While gold is widely regarded as the most precious metal, it is not quite the case. Due to their scarcity, metals like platinum and palladium are valued significantly higher than gold. This value is not constant and, in particular, their use in high-tech industries has caused the trading prices of certain metals to multiply manifold in a short period.

    Online gold trading allows you to leverage its high value against major world currencies, for example:

    - US Dollar (USD)
    - Euro (EUR)
    - Great Britain Pound (GBP)

    Prices of spot metals depend on world economic conditions as well as the effect of short-term volatile events like natural disasters and war. A less drastic and more foreseeable push factor on prices is the seasonal demand for precious metals and stones used in jewellery. Each of these resources sees a spike in prices that coincide with international festivals and celebrations.

    The demand for precious metals is centred on Asia, particularly India and China. On the other hand, Europe and North America lead the way in commodities trade.

    Advantages of Gold Trading on IronWave Capital

    All precious metals spot prices are in a constant state of flux, particularly on the 5 weekdays. These prices may rise and fall depending on a variety of factors 24 hours a day. This means that there is simply too much information for any individual to absorb and process.

    The quick, easy and convenient alternative is to begin gold trading on IronWave Capital. IronWave Capital collates gold spot trading prices against all the popular currencies, as well as spot trading prices of other precious metals. This information is presented to our clients on our platform in an easy-to-understand format. This allows you to identify and predict trends that will affect your investment portfolio and adjust their values accordingly.

    We have created this intuitive platform based on many years of experience in the field of precious metals trading. We have learned from our thousands of clients what works best and adjusted our suite of services to keep up with your expectations and market innovations.

    At IronWave Capital, you get cutting edge technology that delivers unprecedented detail virtually instantaneously. Our wide range of trading instruments gives you complete control over the value and diversity of your investments. Trading decisions that you make are implemented at blinding speed to keep you abreast and apprised of the evolving market.

    Contact IronWave Capital today to discover how we can transform your ordinary trading experiences into the extraordinary overnight.


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